Our Activities

Anupama Educational And Welfare Trust

The activities of this organization have spread throughout the district since the beginning of our journey. Based on our activities and service rendered towards well being and development of the locality.

Health Awareness Camps

The chief motto of the health program is to make a health awareness in the village to keep rural people healthy & fit. The members of Anupama Educational And Welfare Trust have started a health awareness camp to make people aware of their health. This program has been arranged in Sri Karanpur to encourage people about the benefits of living a healthy life.The program ran under the observance of the President of Sanstha, Sri Rajkumar Ji. Both the men and women took part in this program to know about the benefits of being healthy. The members also advised to eat fresh and green vegetables, healthy food and do workouts every day.

Family Planning Program

Family planning is one of the important components in the health program of Anupama Educational And Welfare Trust. Under the observance of local health care, we arranged a Family Welfare Program in Anupama Educational And Welfare Trust to spread awareness about controlling the population. In this program, the members aware people about the benefits of Family planning and tell them about the drawbacks of unwanted pregnancy & uncontrolled population. Some renowned doctors discussed uncontrolled population and said that it is important to plan family as this huge population can create problems in the future.

Social Awareness

Anupama Educational And Welfare Trust arrange social awareness programs to aware rural people about their role in society. As a social being, everyone has specific roles to take care of the society and the environment. Cleaning the society, planting trees, helping the poor, aware others about their roles, etc. all fall under this category.  We have arranged a tree plantation program, a water-saving campaign, focused on educating child laborers and tried to provide education to the women. We also arrange different awareness camps engaging the local administrator and local people, so that everyone must be aware of their duties for the welfare of society.

Pollution Control Awareness Camp

Taking care of the sound environment and different sources of creating pollution which can harm us for this matter we should hold varieties of programs such as plantation working camps, drama, cultural night, public meetings and should represent the citizens in what way we can to control the pollution. This is the principal destination of this program.

About us

Anupama Educational And Welfare Trust is a non-profit organization that works for social action and economic development in an integrated way. The society is established in 2015 that works primarily in the domain of Education, Tourism, Sports, Technology, 

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Ward No. 18, House No. 50, B-Block, Opposite- Kr School, Sri Karanpur, Dist.- Sri Ganganagar, Rajasthan-335073.

Branch Office: Dharamsala, Govt. Community Health Centre, Nohan, Dist.- Hanumangarh, Rajasthan- 335523

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